That killer job won't just show up...

But my tips & tricks for landing it will!

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We don’t rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training. – Archilochos

I’ve been helping people and organizations deliver at a higher level for 20+ years. It is my passion, purpose, and calling in life. My favorite moments are when clients thank me for guiding them successfully through a project they thought was impossible due to scope, timeline, or resource challenges.

I use a combination of business acumen (thanks, MBA!), deep knowledge of how people work (those years spent on a PhD come in handy), loads of experience (my kids say I’m old, but let’s just call it wise, shall we?) and a sense of humor and perspective (I do great work, but I don’t save lives…so why not enjoy every minute of work?)

My superpower is my ability to create order out of chaos. I excel in complex and ambiguous situations where the stakes are high and the timelines are short.

Here’s how I can help you and your organization:

Organizational Transformation
Org & job design including reorgs
Role definition & clarity
Motivation & rewards

Talent Development
Leadership development & coaching
Productivity hacks for teams & executives
Team building retreats

Project Leadership & Delivery
Project & program management
Meeting facilitation