That killer job won't just show up...

But my tips & tricks for landing it will!

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  • What if…your employees were engaged, productive, and excited to come to work every day?
  • What if…your leaders were confident, servant, and obsessed with continually improving not just your organization, but the people within it and those it serves?
  • What if…your organization could move from chaos to focus, from inaction to action, from hopes to outcomes, from mediocrity to excellence?

We are Discovered Path LLC, and our mission is to take your organization from what if to what’s next?

Our service professionals have deep knowledge and expertise in:

  • Coaching: Improving job performance and leadership potential at all levels of the organization through personal assessments, behavioral analysis, and insightful feedback.
  • Organization Development: Creating high-performing organizations through assessments of and improvements to structures, jobs, and systems.
  • Project Management: Ensuring project success through management of and accountability for project vision, scope, milestones & deliverables, status communication and risk management.

We’ve helped companies of every size – from small start-up to Fortune 100 – achieve results. Wondering whether we can help your organization & people achieve success beyond your wildest dreams? Contact us to find out!