I want to hire you! How can I start?

Step 1. Use the form below to contact me to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation 15 minute consult.

Step 2. Watch your email for questions from me. Before we hop on the phone, I’d like to know a bit about you and what you’d like to get out of coaching with me.

Step 3. Hit “reply” to that email and answer the questions.

Step 4. At the scheduled time of your consult, we’ll consult! We’ll use the opportunity to make sure we’re the perfect fit before you commit.

Step 5. Then we’ll get started! If you decide to work with me, I’ll tell you the exact steps for getting started. If you decide not to work with me or if we aren’t a perfect fit, I’m happy to share other resources to help you get what you need.

I just have a quick question. Can you help?

I’m sure I can! The best place to ask a question is over at facebook. I’ll get to those quickly (within a day or two), and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you’ve helped someone else out – since if you’re asking it, someone else probably wants to know, too.

You can always reach out to me using the contact form below, but know that I don’t respond as quickly, and I may respond in a newsletter or on facebook so that everyone can benefit – your personal info and any identifying details will be kept private, though.

I am miserable at work but can’t afford to hire a coach. What should I do?

This is a tough one, and I’m so sorry – being miserable at work truly sucks and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy (okay, fine…maybe my absolute worst enemy, but I’d feel a teeny bit guilty about it!).

If you truly don’t have the money to invest in a coach to turn your career around, I’d investigate the many free (or really, really cheap) resources out there that can help you figure out things like:

  • Knowing that life is short and I only get one shot at it, what do I want to do not just to make a living, but to make an impact?
  • Once I figure out what work will be truly impactful (and understand how to make a great life doing that work!), how do I craft a story that will hook potential employers and make me irresistible?
  • How do I prepare for an interview so I know I’ll hit it out of the park every single time?
  • Once I’ve wowed them with my incredible story and my ridiculously good interviewing skills, how do I negotiate the best possible job offer (without being embarrassed or awkward showing up on my first day, knowing I’m making more than some of the people who have been there for years)?
  • After some time on the job, how do I continuously develop skills like leadership, emotional intelligence, and strategic focus so I can continue to kick ass and take names all the way to the top?

Some resources that can help with the above include books (cash-strapped peeps can head to the library), blogs, magazines, and loads of internet groups devoted to just these subjects.

Before you give up entirely on hiring a coach, though, remember that most people spend way more money than they realize – it’s called “Passive Spending” and what’s really awful about it is that without spending money for a specific purpose and with specific outcomes in mind, people never get a good return on their investment. It’s why my college students used to tell me they couldn’t afford to buy a book, even as they texted during class on their oh-so-nice smartphones.

What I believe – and what I tell my clients – is that you can tell what’s important to someone based on where and how they spend their money. I bet you know someone who chooses to donate lots of money to charity, but drives an old car. Or maybe the reverse – you know someone with a fancy car who doesn’t quite pay all his bills. Both of these people are demonstrating value through their spending. Neither one is wrong or right (well, except for the not paying bills, because that’s some seriously bad karma), and it’s possible that neither one is trying to make a statement about their values. But you know what? They both are.

So think about it: what do you value? Career enjoyment, making an impact at work, and investing today for a return sometime in the future? Or maybe not. Maybe it’s complaining about work, not taking risks, and living a life that is long on dreams but short on action?

Why do people hire a coach?

Here’s the truth about coaching: anything you can do with a coach you can probably do on your own, it just takes longer and is more difficult. Think about taking your dream vacation to an off-the-beaten-path place. You might look forward to wandering around aimlessly getting to know the people, the land, the food, and the customs. If you enjoy the process and have no expectation about the outcome, you’ll do just fine, have a great time, and wring just as much enjoyment out of the vacation as anyone else.

But what if time is limited? What if you want to get to know this exotic place with just a few weeks of free time? What if you don’t like feeling lost, or wandering around relying on the good will of strangers to point you in the direction of all the great things this place has to offer? What if you’ve read every book about this vacation spot, but when you get there it’s still difficult to navigate because the signs are written in characters you can’t even begin to translate, and the people aren’t quite as friendly as you’d hoped?

Would you despair? Would you assume your dream vacation was a mistake, and that you’re better off repacking your bag and heading back to your regular life? Maybe. But I bet you’d first try to find a travel guide – someone who could help you cut through the confusion and overwhelm and help you enjoy the vacation you’d been dreaming about for so long.

That’s what you get when you hire a coach: an experienced guide who helps you navigate unfamiliar territory and ensures you get the outcome you’ve been dreaming of.

How are you qualified to help people change careers?

Well, I’m a trained coach who has been at it for quite a long time with great results, and I think that’s the main reason (but don’t take my word for it…you can check out what some of my clients have to say about me here).

I’ve also developed deep knowledge and understanding of peak business and human performance by earning both an MBA and a PhD programs from top research universities.

Finally, I’m as passionate about my clients’ success as I am about my own – and I do everything in my power to help my clients make great money doing work they love.

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