Over the past five plus years, I’ve spent thousands of dollars attending industry trade-shows, volunteering services for which I’d usually not be compensated, travelling to attend specialized training and spent many months away from my home to complete internships. When my first job in my new industry wasn’t working out, I started to worry that all my efforts and sacrifices were not going to bear fruit.

I was at the point where I was looking into courses on organizational change management, desperately looking to take some action – any action! While those courses would have been interesting, it wasn’t the real problem and it would have consumed a lot of time without getting the results I was looking for.

Deborah helped me come up with an actionable plan to address my uneasiness. She helped me keep moving forward and it paid off. Literally two days after resigning from my nightmare job, my dream employer hired me!

Deb was flexible and very easy to work with. Her solutions were attainable, clear, and easy to comprehend. Our check-in calls never felt like work. I felt listened to, even amid my own lack of clarity. I learned tools for personal reflection and achieved greater clarity on my personal career decision. Deb is outcome oriented – I never felt like our conversations were for the sake of filling an hour, they were all action oriented. There is nothing I would have done differently; just wish I did this sooner!!!

Deborah has played a key role in guiding through the organization and ongoing development of my success at r&f.

She has helped me focus on the key issues, demonstrated how to maintain accountability and measurement, while offering the all-important motivation for self-actualization.

I look forward to each coaching session with Deborah knowing that it will provide a meaningful exchange of ideas

Deb is an energetic, action-oriented business coach who cares deeply about her clients and works incredibly hard to ensure they get the results they want out of business and life. I enjoy every coaching session because I leave with not just an understanding of what I need to do to meet my professional goals, but also a clearali action plan to keep me accountable for doing the work!

morgann105-bwDeborah is a warm and engaging coach who has helped me learn new techniques for driving results in my business. She’s amazing at finding the areas where I can get stuck, and then giving me strategies for getting un-stuck. She is 100% committed to her clients’ success, and it shows!

Deborah is a focused, compassionate and dedicated lanicoach who has a beautiful way of cutting through the clutter and helping you to achieve clarity. Her direct approach is a breath of fresh air. She helps me to sort out the noise in my head and encourages me to follow the path that not only feels the best but also is the most readily and easily executable.

Deborah is an honest, intuitive and very effective coach. She listens with intention and is very committed to her client’s needs. She connects the dots to help you to get from knowing to doing and taking action in your life, and helps you really distinguish what your goals are and how to accomplish them.