Organization & job design, including reorgs

Role definition & clarity

New technology on the daily, continued globalization of markets, shifting regulations – it’s enough to make a head spin and a business stumble. It seems like there’s new tech launching right and left – sometimes different versions of the same product – and it’s a challenge to suss out which products will benefit your business and which will have little to no effect. And the marketplace, along with the workforce, continues to expand across boundaries around the world. Successful businesses need a globally aware team that can move quickly into these new markets and can understand how changing regulations in the U.S. and overseas affect your bottom line.

We are change agents of sorts. We’ll ensure your business can anticipate and accommodate rapid changes so you can thrive and grow.

Here’s how the magic happens: We are experts in organization and job design, which means we look at how all the pieces of your business fit together. Are you greater than the sum of your parts? If not, we’ll redefine specific roles in your organization or design and roll out a larger reorg. As consultants, we’ll cast an objective eye at how all of your employees interact, looking at concrete things like office arrangement, remote workstations, and geographic location.

We understand the importance of employee retention. One style does not fit all; we will help you design the your org to fit your goals.

Motivation & rewards

It would be nice to believe that your entire staff is going to be on board with change. But that’s wishful thinking. Change is hard. Some of your employees will struggle with the adjustments you need to make to stay competitive. In fact, a few might consciously or unconsciously resist your efforts, perhaps even going so far as to sabotage the changes you are implementing.

We’ve got you covered. We aren’t going to force feed change to your employees. That never ends well. Rather, we are going to work with your team members across all levels of your organization so they understand why they need to change and support the new mission. We’ll make sure your employees are working together toward one common goal: yours.

Employee satisfaction is critical to any business’s success. We can help you develop an improved reward system that will increase employee motivation. A paycheck is great, but today’s workers expect flexibility, support and opportunity for growth and advancement. We will tailor benefits so you not only retain valuable employees, but improve their level of engagement. We will continually educate them to remain on the leading edge of your industry.