Project Leadership and Delivery

Project & program management

Project and program management is the glue that holds businesses together. The problem is, many companies don’t have the bandwidth for managing all the new projects and programs coming down the pike. Sometimes, your teams don’t even know where to start tackling a meaty project.

Our project and program management experts provide the solution, soup to nuts. We will step in and evaluate the scope of the project and determine the human and technological resources you’ll need. Then we’ll get granular, developing a budget and workback schedule. We’ll pull it together into a deployment plan, and we’ll get everyone on your team on board. Employees will understand their individual roles while working together to bring the project in on time and within budget.

And don’t think you have to suffer through a project that’s already underway and off the rails. It happens, but we can help. We’ll jump in anywhere in the process, assessing the situation and the systems, and get the team and the project back on track. As with all of our services, we tailor our offerings to your specific project and needs to move your project forward with optimal efficiency.

But wait, there’s more. Maybe you’re not understaffed or in crisis mode but need guidance on developing best practices around program and project management. We will take the burden of oversight and execution off your hands. We can review your programs as a whole and ensure you have all the tools for success in place. We will train your staff on how to manage their time and programs, while managing stakeholders’ expectations and communication across teams.


Meeting facilitation

Meetings have become a drag: They can be endless, too frequent, and often pointless. They can pull focus from other important work. If you don’t use meeting time judiciously and strategically, your team might not function properly or efficiently. Our meeting facilitation programs teach teams how to leverage their meeting time to set goals, make decisions and communicate effectively. We’ll make sure that team leaders are comfortable making tough calls and delegating specific tasks.

With years of experience as executives, professors, and lifelong students, thinking strategically comes naturally to our team. We’ve taught the latest theories of workplace design and development. We can talk endlessly about business theory and case studies for successful businesses…and often do. We’ve got the academic chops but when it comes to your business, we’re focused on action and concrete results. We are here to help you get things done. We are here to help you move your teams and your organization forward.

Let’s get down to business.