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Better Guidance, Better Decisions

We help you identify the issues that are holding your business back, create solutions to tackle them, and guide you through the process of change. We help you discover the right path to success.

All Your Bases Covered

Project leadership, guidance through transitional periods, executive coaching — from strategy to execution, we’ve got all your bases covered.

what we do

Executive Coaching

Learn from our decades of combined experience in senior leadership roles.

Project Leadership and Delivery

We’re ready to roll up our sleeves and help you get your project over the line.

Organizational Transformation & Talent Development

Change might be tough, but it shouldn’t be impossible.

why us?

Wouldn’t it be great to work with consultants and coaches who get you?

People who take the time to get to know the real meaning behind your business and what drives you on your path to success?

Or better yet, an experienced team that works in tandem with yours to see that you reach your goal no matter what it takes?

That’s Discovered Path.

We’ve got decades of experience helping businesses with everything from staff augmentation to transformative strategies, but that’s not what we like to brag about.

What’s most important to us (and to you) is that we’re the firm that’s fully invested in your success, and that makes sure you hit your personal and organizational goals.

We’re the team that gets you – and your business.

what our clients say


Deb is an incredible business partner who finds ways to create real value in all her projects. Her drive, creativity and humor make her a key part of any team. Deb builds the right bridges to gain the support of stakeholders while striking the right balance with driving hard to milestones. She’s just awesome. She makes those around her better and she’s a pleasure to work with.

– Marc Ossinger, Microsoft


Deborah is extremely bright, efficient, and effective. She excels at driving projects with many moving parts and team members through completion under extreme time pressure. Moreover, she does it without sacrificing quality, stepping on toes, or losing her sense of humor.

– Kelsey Joyce, T-Mobile


Deb is amazing. She knows how to take any complex problem, see it strategically and quickly break it down into parts to get swiftly to implementation. She easily directs large scale projects and somehow puts a personal touch on all that she is a part of. She is down to earth and super capable and bright in any work situation. She also has a wonderful sense of humor which makes working with her delightful. I’ve known Deborah for over 15 years and can wholeheartedly recommend her.

– Susan Kerr, CEO Advancing Inspiration


From the very first meeting, working with Deborah is an absolute delight. She is rock-solid – extremely well versed in her field, always prepared and ultra-organized. And yet she does it all with grace and a sense of humor. I looked forward to any project where she was lead because I knew it would be well-thought out, well-organized and fun to boot!

– Hillary Miller, VP Accounts & Strategy

news and insights

Want to be more confident? Do these 3 things now.

Want to be more confident? Do these 3 things now.

He can inspire a group only if he himself is filled with confidence. Floyd V. Filson When I tell clients that confidence is an important characteristic of good leaders, they’ll often get worried. Sometimes it’s perception: “It’s hard to be confident,” they’ll tell me,...

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Will Strangers ever rule LinkedIn?

Will Strangers ever rule LinkedIn?

Lately on LinkedIn I’m seeing loads of posts complaining about people trying to connect with others they’ve never met. Some people seem downright angry when people they don’t know send them invitations. I’ve always found this sort of weird – isn’t the whole point of...

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You May Be Right, but Are You Kind?

You May Be Right, but Are You Kind?

What’s up with all the recent LinkedIn rants about interviewees? If the ranters are to be believed, these days people interviewing for jobs aren’t dressed appropriately, they don’t bring copies of their resume, they don’t have the right handshake, and they behave in...

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